Natalie Anne Online Education.

If you know me, you know Ive been building video content since phones put cameras on them! Ive always focused on delivering education through social media and always trying to inspire the girl at home and the hairdresser. 

The time has finally arrived and Im so proud to announce the launch of online education. This is devoted to the thousands of hairdressers that have inspired  me to launch this online platform. 

I first focused on launching my most requested signature styling techniques 

from classic to glamour waves to the NA Pony. 

My aim is to create an easy to understand pay per play platform that becomes your go to for hair (and business) advice you can move right into your business. 

You know I value feedback over anything else, so please if you feel there is other types of content you would love to see hair or otherwise, there is a feedback form at the bottom of the page! I hope you love the education guys x 

The videos will be launching on this site in early July , please fill out the form below to be the first notified! Can';t wait for you all to see it!  

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